Located behind Justine's Brasserie

4710 East 5th St,
Austin, TX, 78702
United States



Thursday - Sunday, 6pm until late. 

We often take the studio on the road during the summer months, and on various dates throughout the year. Please check our Instagram feed for updates.



Do I need an appointment?

No appointment needed, just come on down!

How long does a portrait take?

It takes around 15 minutes to shoot your portrait, and around 45 minutes to finish processing.

How much does a portrait cost?

We offer two sizes; a 5x7 is $60, an 8x10 is $110. (Whilst on tour we only shoot the larger plate, to enable us to work faster.)

How many people can be photographed at once?

Due to size restrictions in our studio, we can shoot up to 2 people on the 5x7 plate, and up to 3 people on the 8x10 plate.

Is this a one-shot kind of deal?

Fortunately, no. We'll be sure to develop the plate in front of you. If you would like to make changes, let the photographer know and we will re shoot at no cost.

Is there a digital copy?

Absolutely. We include a digital copy with every tintype. Just leave us your email and we'll send it over. Bear in mind, this may take up to 48hrs after your sitting to arrive!

Can I bring my pet?

It depends. Small animals that can be picked up and photographed with their owners are no problem, and can be photographed without appointment. Unfortunately we cannot shoot pets over 35lbs. All pets must be well trained and capable of holding a 'stay' command. Bring treats! 

What should I wear?

Anything! Feel free to dress up, or down. Patterns and textures always look great. Feel free to bring small props, hats, jewelry etc. Tintypes can be very high contrast - so avoid solid white or solid black where possible!

Can I buy a gift certificate?

Certainly. Click HERE to make a purchase online, or visit us in the studio!

Why is nobody smiling in these photographs?

Because photography is a serious business. If a smile is attempted within the portrait studio, you will be politely asked to leave and never return.

(Just kidding). 

Can I order reprints?

You bet. We keep a high resolution version on file, and can have the good folks at Agave Print mail you out archival inkjet reprints at any time. 

Can I use the photograph commercially?

Sure. Like any photographer, usage fees apply when the work is used in a commercial or editorial fashion. The price will vary depending on how the image is used. Contact us anytime for a quote. 

Can I use the photograph for a holiday card, or save the date?

No problem. Just let us know when you shoot with us, and we will prep your digital copy accordingly. 

There are streaks and marks on my photograph, is this normal?

Yes. Tintypes are a handmade image, and will contain all kinds of artifacts, ranging from fingerprints, to dust and scratches, or blemishes in the varnish. If any of these detract from the image, let us know before we finish the photograph, and we can re shoot at no cost.